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Wi-Fi is Alive!

Wi-Fi is Alive!

Simplify the online presence of the gadgets that make your work and life more enjoyable with a high-performance wireless network infrastructure. Let your wireless ecosystem become alive and flourish on the solid and robust ground that only XA2200 mesh networks can provide.

Goodbye Wi-Fi dead zone spots

Goodbye Wi-Fi dead zone spots

Connect all your devices into a unified, robust and dynamic mesh network that empowers you with a premium wireless experience. XA2200 top of the line hardware technology with optimized software algorithms ensure full Wi-Fi coverage, enjoy seamless transition between nodes releasing you from annoying dead zone spots.


The heart of every XA2200 consists of a power efficient quad-core ARM SoC linked with three simultaneous IEEE802.11ac wireless 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.8GHz bands with support for MU-MIMO data streaming, additionally, 1x WAN and 1x LAN ethernet interfaces complete the ensemble. The unit comes with a resourceful software stack including optimized package acceleration, DHCP, UPnP, VPN passthrough, NAT, IPv6, port forwarding, firewall rules and guest network.

High Performance

Tri-band mesh router allows zero Wi-Fi dead-zone spots in your network infrastructure.

Easy Installation

Simple and visually guided mesh network installation for accelerated deployment.

Dedicated Backhaul

A dedicated wireless interconnection of all nodes while maximizing bandwidth for clients.


Effortless addition of extra nodes to the Wi-Fi mesh network as your needs grow.


Automatic re-routing of traffic when a node becomes unreliable due to noisy environment.

Load Balancing

Dynamic selection of best Wi-Fi link depending on client device requirements.

Auto Configuration

Automatic recognition of node role in the mesh network.

Enriched Software

Empowering tools such as automatic schedulers, diagnostic resources and wizards.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Everywhere

Our technology brings uninterrupted premium quality Wi-Fi to the most vivid locations.

XA2200 Mesh versus traditional Wi-Fi Router + Extender

Still not sure if XA2200 mesh is for you?


Feature HX1010 Wi-Fi Router + Extender
Installation Simple and easy installation. Cumbersome installation of additional extenders.
Softwave Outstanding user experience with centralized controls. Configuration and monitoring are done per node basis.
Speed Dedicated backhaul for bandwidth intensive applications. Not dedicated backhaul reduces throughput by a half per additional hop.
Coverage Use fewer nodes and get zero dead zone spots. Reduce but not eliminate dead-zone spots.
Design Minimalistic to seamlessly fit in any room. Bulky dimensions are the norm.



XA2200 Package Contents:
1x XA2200 Wireless Mesh Router
1x AC Power Adapter
1x USB (Type-C) Power Cable
1x RJ45 LAN Cable
1x Quick Installation Guide